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Ceiling Radiation Damper

Model CRDS
Side-Outlet Ceiling Radiation Damper

Product Description

    Designed to function as a heat barrier in air handler openings in fire resistant membrane ceilings.
    UL-listed fusible link (165 degree fahrenheit standard).
    UL approved for use in design types: L-528, L-546, L-558, L-562, L-563, L-585, M-516, P-533, P-544, and P-547 (similar design applications*: L-521, L-550, L-586, and P-522).
    Opening 1/4" oversized to accommodate register/grille.
    1" perimeter flange provided for boot clip or angle installation.
    Approved for use with steel and aluminum grilles/registers.
    Plaster ground extension available in 1", 1-1/2", and 2".
    Body case is fabricated from hot dipped G60 galvanized steel sheets as per ASTM A-653.
    No assembly required, ready to mount.
    Insulation: available in R-6 or R-8.
    Available in collar diameters: 4"-12".
    Box depth is 11-1/2" for collars over 8". All others are 9-1/4".
    Damper surface depth is minimum 3" from drywall lip.

Available Sizes (W x H)

Minimum Maximum
6" x 4" 16" x 16"

    *Similar design applications have not been evaluated and are not UL Classified for use with the associated Miami Tech products.