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Fiberglass Triangles

Fiberglass Triangles

Product Description

    Miami Tech's fiberglass triangle boxes come in a variety of dimensions to best suit the needs of the job.
    These boxes are made of 1-1/2" thick R6 fiberglass insulation with a foil barrier (FSK).
    All models are available as pre-constructed or unfolded units.
    Unfolded units can be built quick and only require tape to fasten them.
    Duct openings can be easily cut with a utility knife.

Standard Sizes

Part No. Size Option Quantity
STA Small Assembled 6
MTA Medium Assembled 6
LTA Large Assembled 1
XTA Extra-Large Assembled 1
STK Small Knocked-Down 12
MTK Medium Knocked-Down 6
LTK Large Knocked-Down 6
XTK Extra-Large Knocked-Down 6