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Side Wall Cap

Product Description

    Galvanized steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and longevity.
    Backdraft damper or expanded metal screen available (SWC can be ordered with both options on a single unit).
    Discharge hood area equal or greater than inlet pipe area.
    Flanged base provides for good vent-to-wall contact and an easy caulking surface.
    Long galvanized neck allows for easy union through walls to interior ducts.

Side Wall Cap Models

    SWC: Standard side wall cap.
    SWCD: Side wall cap with damper.
    ASWC: Aluminum side wall cap.

Standard Sizes

Part No. Size Quantity
SWC03 3" 1
SWC04 4" 1
SWC05 5" 1
SWC06 6" 1
SWC07 7" 1
SWC08 8" 1
SWC10 10" 1
SWC12 12" 1