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Sure Seal Collars

Sure Seal Collars

Product Description

    Mechanically riveted body.
    Galvanized steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and longevity.
    Spin-in groove fabricated into body to ensure accurate inlet diameter.
    Clamp band and pipe crimp facilitate quick and secure field installation.

Sure Seal Collar Models

    SSC-1: Sure seal collar plain.
    SSC-4: Sure seal collar with scoop only.
    SSC-5: Sure seal collar with damper only.
    SSC-6: Sure seal collar with scoop and damper.
    SSC-HD: SSC with heavy-duty hardware.
    SSC-SO: SSC with standard 2" stand-off.
    SSC-SOE: SSC with Miami Tech's 2" stand-off.

SSC Models

Standard Sizes

Size SSC-1 SSC-4 SSC-5 SSC-6 Quantity
4" SSC4-1 SSC4-4 SSC4-5 SSC4-6 1
5" SSC5-1 SSC5-4 SSC5-5 SSC5-6 1
6" SSC6-1 SSC6-4 SSC6-5 SSC6-6 1
7" SSC7-1 SSC7-4 SSC7-5 SSC7-6 1
8" SSC8-1 SSC8-4 SSC8-5 SSC8-6 1
10" SSC10-1 SSC10-4 SSC10-5 SSC10-6 1
12" SSC12-1 SSC12-4 SSC12-5 SSC12-6 1
14" SSC14-1 SSC14-4 SSC14-5 SSC14-6 1
16" SSC16-1 SSC16-4 SSC16-5 SSC16-6 1
18" SSC18-1 SSC18-4 SSC18-5 SSC18-6 1
20" SSC20-1 SSC20-4 SSC20-5 SSC20-6 1