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Snap Lock Pipes

Snap Lock Pipes

Product Description

    Galvanized steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and longevity.
    Pipes 8" and over have five reinforcing beads per length for added strength.
    All snap lock pipes are quick-button lock.
    Fully locking seam.
    Sold by the foot.
    24 gauge available in 3ft sections for sizes 10" and larger (SLP24).

Snap Lock Pipes Models

    SLP30: 30ga snap lock pipe.
    SLP28: 28ga snap lock pipe.
    SLP26: 26ga snap lock pipe.

Standard Sizes

30ga Snap Lock Pipes

Part No. Diameter Length Quantity
SLP303 3" 5ft. 25ft.
SLP304 4" 5ft. 25ft.
SLP305 5" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP306 6" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP307 7" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP308 8" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP309 9" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP3010 10" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP3012 12" 5ft. 50ft.

28ga Snap Lock Pipes

Part No. Diameter Gauge Quantity
SLP283 3" 5ft. 25ft.
SLP284 4" 5ft. 25ft.
SLP285 5" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP286 6" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP287 7" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP288 8" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP289 9" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP2810 10" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP2812 12" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP2814 14" 5ft. 50ft.

26ga Snap Lock Pipes

Part No. Diameter Gauge Quantity
SLP263 3" 5ft. 25ft.
SLP264 4" 5ft. 25ft.
SLP265 5" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP266 6" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP267 7" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP268 8" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP269 9" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP2610 10" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP2612 12" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP2614 14" 5ft. 50ft.
SLP2616 16" 5ft. 30ft.
SLP2618 18" 5ft. 30ft.
SLP2620 20" 5ft. 30ft.