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Rectangular Transition

Rectangular Transition

Product Description

    Galvanized steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and longevity.
    Continuous welded seam prevents air leakage.
    1" flange with gasketed face helps to make a secure connection.
    Flange is pre-drilled to allow for easier installation.
    Damper has reinforced axis and standoff allows for locking the regulator.

Rectangular Transition Models

    RT: Plain rectangular transition.
    RTD: Rectangular transition with damper.
    RTDS: Rectangular transition with damper and 2" stand-off.
    RTDS-HD: Heavy-duty rectangular transition with damper and 2" stand-off.
    RTDS-HDG: Heavy-duty rectangular transition with damper, 2" stand-off, and blade total-seal gasket.

Standard Sizes

RT RTD RTDS Size Box Qty.
RT4 RTD4 RTDS4 4" 1
RT5 RTD5 RTDS5 5" 1
RT6 RTD6 RTDS6 6" 1
RT7 RTD7 RTDS7 7" 1
RT8 RTD8 RTDS8 8" 1
RT10 RTD10 RTDS10 10" 1
RT12 RTD12 RTDS12 12" 1
RT14 RTD14 RTDS14 14" 1
RT16 RTD16 RTDS16 16" 1
RT18 RTD18 RTDS18 18" 1