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Model AST
Standard Duty
Condensing Unit Stand

Model AST
Standard Duty Condensing Unit Stand

Product Description

    Our Model AST condensing unit stand is engineered for use within and outside hurricane zones (HVHZ - Miami-Dade County & Broward County). Carrying a Florida State Approval and NAMI (National Accreditation & Management Institute) quality assurance, the AST complies with most applications throughout the state of Florida.

    Florida Building Code 8th Edition (2023) compliant.
    Spread center to center: 27" closed - 42" opened.
    Available with optional cross-mounting angle.
    Available with optional electrical box mounting bracket (EMB).
    Available with optional vibration pad to isolate vibration from condensing unit.
    Engineer’s raised-seal drawings available.

Post Pairs

Part No. Description Size
AST185Q Aluminum C/U 18.5" Post Pairs 18.5"
AST240Q Aluminum C/U 24" Post Pairs 24"
AST300Q Aluminum C/U 30" Post Pairs 30"


Part No. Description
ASI-3 Aluminum Stand I-Beam, 3'
ASI-6 Aluminum Stand I-Beam, 6'
ASI-9 Aluminum Stand I-Beam, 9'
ASI-12 Aluminum Stand I-Beam, 12'
ASI-15 Aluminum Stand I-Beam, 15'
ASI-18 Aluminum Stand I-Beam, 18'

Cross Mounting Angle

Part No. Description
ASTCAB-XX Angle length is determined by the distance
between the center webbing of I-Beams

AST Options

Cross Mounting Angle

Cross Mounting Angle

Electrical Mounting Bracket

Electrical Mounting Bracket