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FSA100/101 and FSA110/111

Product Description

    Miami Tech Model FSA100/101 and FSA110/111 access doors are designed for quick installation in metal duct. They provide direct access to fire dampers for resetting, as well as any item requiring maintenance or inspection.
    All FSA101 and FSA111 access doors are built with safety chain to secure door to frame.

Product Construction

    Door Frame: 24 gauge galvanized steel roll formed with pre-notched "knock over" edges for easy installation.
    Door: 24 gauge edge riveted galvanized steel front and back face containing 1" UL classified insulation.
    Hinge: Pivot type hinge top and bottom for rigidity.
    Closure: All cam locks are zinc plated steel.
    Opening: Duct cutout is 1" less than listed size.

Available Sizes (W x H)

Minimum Maximum
6" x 6" 24" x 24"

Box Quantities

Size Box Quantity
6" x 6" 10pcs
8" x 8" 10pcs
10" x 10" 10pcs
12" x 12" 10pcs
14" x 14" 5pcs
16" x 16" 5pcs
18" x 18" 5pcs
20" x 20" 5pcs
22" x 22" 5pcs
24" x 24" 5pcs